Friday, May 6, 2011

The big coat SALE

My treasure trove is over flowing so it's time to get rid of a few things to make room for the new ones!  I will be listing a whole lot of jackets and coats on Trade Me tomorrow and the auction will run for a week.  Unfortunately Trade Me is only available to people living in New Zealand and Australia, however if there is anything you see that you would like to get your hands on you can email me at info{at}dashfieldvintage{dot}com.  Most of the jackets will be priced around $10 - $25 (NZ dollar) and the winter coats for a fraction more.  Please email me regarding shipping costs to your country.  Here's a peek at what is going on sale tomorrow...

I will give you the Trade Me link tomorrow.

Oh and in other news, my posts are finally showing up on the blogger reader again!!  If you are still not seeing them pop up in your reader then you may have to cancel and then re-follow this blog.  I am so excited that it is finally working again because it was truly frustrating!
By the way thank you very much about all your kind comments regarding the tornado.  We had more tornado warnings yesterday and the sky was looking particularly sinister but it didn't brew into another twister. 
Ooo I will be back with some exciting news later in the week and will definitely be asking for your advice!
Have a great weekend.


  1. many good things here..

  2. jackets and coats are one of my favorite things to buy. I am dreaming of finding a super cute trench coat. xo K