Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pretending it's still summer...

Okay so this post isn't really going to be about the weather but I found the cutest little dress with a matching bolero the other day and I wanted to share it!  It really does make you think of all things warm and summery...

It's a little bit big for me so the question now is, do I get it taken in and keep it for myself or do I pop it in the shop?

In other news, it has been a very strange week.  A couple of days ago a huge freak Tornado came ripping through the little part of town we live in.

It headed straight through the mall and busy shopping centre throwing people and cars up into the air like matchsticks.  Sadly one man was killed after being picked up and then thrown to the ground again.  Everybody agrees though that it is amazing there weren't more casualties.  It is truly surreal when something like this happens in your own backyard!  Anyway early the next morning the air was so still and calm, and everything was covered in a thick layer of fog.  It really looked beautiful...

The beach later on that day was a different story altogether though!

At least the dogs loved it...

Oops and there I've gone talking about the weather the whole time after all!  More relevant fashion related posts coming  next time, I promise ;)


  1. Glad to hear no one else was hurt! It's very strange to hear of tornadoes in other countries; I think of them as an American phenomenon generally or at the most North American. Where in NZ are you anyway...?

  2. The "morning-after" pics are beautiful. We have very seldom strong weather phenomenons here in Finland, which I'm glad for, even if our climate perhaps otherwise isn't the most delightful. I'm glad so few got hurt!

  3. The tornado was so scary! Hopefully the tornado warnings for tomorrow don't eventuate.

    I love the picture of Mika strutting her stuff with her seaweed necklace, super cute!

    By the way, I just stopped following you and then became a follower again, and your posts are now showing up in my blogger reading list (yay!).


  4. Wow thats crazy. Glad your ok, I guess you get use to things like that... were quite lucky here in England in terms of natural hazards.
    Love your sttore it looks fab!

  5. Rueby - We live in Auckland.

    Ina - We don't normally get any freak weather here either, which is why it was so strange and surreal. I mean we have seen it happening in America but you never think it will happen in your own area!

    Saba - Yay that's brilliant! Maybe it just needed a bit of time to reset or something. I'm hoping we don't have another tornado today too!

    The Attic People - Thank you very much:)

  6. Thanks:) Dog sitting these guys can be a right handful... but they do have their quiet, sweet moments!

  7. So good to hear you are fine and no-one was badly hurt. I adore that darling dress - the shape, colour and form all appeal to my fashion sense;-)