Monday, July 18, 2011

Dreaming of summer...

Right now we must be about smack in the middle of winter here... it's so cold!  Everybody always assumes the New Zealand is so tropical but the truth is that the winters can get pretty miserable.  So when you have a beautiful clear day like we did yesterday you just have to make most of it!  We ended up taking the dogs down to the beach (Long Bay Beach in Auckland)  in the late afternoon to play in the rock pools (because it was low tide) and it felt amazing to get a bit of sea air and some sunshine on our faces.

Anyway you get the picture... we had a great time!  It's crazy really that we live a five minute drive away from this beach and hardly ever make use of it.
I realise that this post doesn't actually has nothing to do with vintage but oh well.  

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  1. I agree!! I live about 10 min from Piha but never manage to get there! Its crazy! Lovely shots of you enjoying the sun - bring on summer though! :-)