Saturday, July 30, 2011


Dashfield Vintage have sponsored our first giveaway!  You can get your hands on a stunning blue/ green embroidered 1960s wiggle dress over on the Lost in the Haze blog.   Jo takes the most beautiful photos and has a fashion style to die for so I knew this little dress would be perfect for her!
Just pop on over, leave a comment and before you know it you could be wiggling your way into this beauty!


  1. I'm crazy for that frock,darl,and the model is a stunner! But I'll be far too big for it..poo!!! I'd like to see whomever wins it show it off,though! I don't mind eating my heart out!
    Glad you liked the cardigan clips! I'd seen them in movies,but never in the flesh,and found them on Trade Me for $8 when I did a search after they randomly popped into my head! they have a 70's look about them,I'd say 50's/60's ones would be prettier.

  2. O,just caught up on your last few posts,YAY that you are getting into making this dream a reality!! WOOHOO!
    Loved the "behind the scenes"post! I'm quite nosy,so that was right up my alley!

  3. Wow, that's lush. I just found your blog through darling Helga. Fab.

  4. Momoko Plush & Louise: Welcome! And thank you:) xx
    Helga: Ha ha I know I completely understand, I am very nosy like that too. Call it human nature!

  5. that dress and the girl in it are absolutely stunning! so well styled!

  6. I just came across your blog and thought it was lovely! (: