Friday, July 29, 2011

Behind the scenes silliness: meet the gang

Sometimes we need some little reminders about not taking life too seriously.

Often when you are doing photo shoots the day can feel a little bit too long and people can start to feel cranky... which is why I love working with my sisters!  Sure we have our spats and disagreements but when it comes down to it we have an awful lot of laughs as well!  I LOVE these moments when we're just goofing around and having fun. Having said that I couldn't be doing any of this without the help of some really amazing people...

Thalia: Thalia is my baby sister.  Although there is an 11 year age gap between us we get on like a house on fire!  She is one of the most easy going and fun people I have ever come across and yet she is mature beyond her years.  She is everything I wish I could have been when I was 18! 

Saba:  Saba (aka Lucy-Mae in the blogging world) has been so amazing through out this whole time!  I honestly don't know what I would have done without having her there to model for me, help out at the markets, give me sewing advice and give me a little boot up the backside when I want to give up.  The both of us are very alike, it doesn't take much to get us in a bad mood, we are impatient, stubborn and you best not get in our way if we are hungry or in need of a coffee... but our spats never, ever last more than a few hours and then all is forgotten again! 

Nic:  Oh my goodness where do I even begin with this guy??  He is seriously my better half!  He is always encouraging me and being enthusiastic about all my crazy ideas (that usually don't evolve into much).  He has super human patients while I have none, he reminds me to breath when I get stressed out, he is always there with a shoulder for me to cry on when I need it, he is incredibly sweet and kind, he bakes amazing scones and is a fantastic photographer.  Yup this one is a keeper!


The troops: As I like to call them anyway!  These three are best buddies (Carla, Mika and Seven) and like to help out with photo shoots in anyway they can!  Sometimes they are a little too enthusiastic but for the most part they are great company.

Me:  Yup the one you see in pictures from time to time pulling silly faces would be me!  I'm a little bit camera shy you see so it's rare to get a serious photo of me.  I pretend to run the show around here.  I spend my time hand picking items for the shop and market, sorting and resorting the clothes (because I am a virgo which means everything has to have a system and be hung in colour coordination!), I'm usually the one behind the camera too. 

So there you have it, you have met most of the gang.  Obviously there are other people who get involved and help out along the way but these guys are really the superstars! Oh and can I say that I count my readers among my gang as well.  Some of you have so faithfully stuck with me while I started a new blog, then started another new blog not long after because the first one wasn't working, then dealt with all sorts of other technical problems... and yet you are still here with me!  It has been a little strange going from 100 followers back to just a handful but I hope to build that back up and in the meantime want to thank you for your lovely comments, encouragement and advice!


  1. Haha, love you! xox

    In the first picture you look like a farm pirate!

  2. I guess they're all keepers :) Great for you that your sisters can help you out (and that you get along also!).

  3. cute! <3

  4. That little blue hat is SO cute! x

  5. You look so adorable! I love your rain boots.