Sunday, July 3, 2011

It has come to my attention...

... that blogger is once again messing with my blog and the new posts aren't showing up on peoples readers.  Grrrr!  To say that I am getting sick of this would be a small under statement.  So I was hoping I might be able to ask you all a favour, would you mind dropping me a quick line in the comment box to let me know if you are in fact receiving these posts?  Thank you very much.  I will try to some how get this sorted asap!

Chloe at dusk - photo by Nic Fletcher


  1. It's showing again, and now the older ones are in the blog reader again also! This is so strange, I wonder if it's common... Blogger sometimes messes things up, but you've been unfortunate.. I have around 100 blogs in my blog reader, but only a bunch of them that I really really keep an eye on, so I have no idea if this is happening to others, too (you're one of them I keep an eye on, so that's why I noticed it).

  2. I really like your blog, I am your new follower ;)

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  3. Lovely photograph!! Sorry to hear you're having troubles with blogger, sounds rather annoying...
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. Ugh I hope you've got everything sorted now! (this post did show up in my blog reader, but I've been rather behind with my blog reading lately sorry!)