Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The turban affair

For the last couple of months I have been on the hunt for the perfect turban hat.  I was really expecting to find one on my recent trip to Paris but disappointed to find that vintage stores there weren't nearly as great as I expected.  Turbans for me not only have an old Hollywood glamour feel to them but I also find them incredibly exotic looking.  When I spot somebody wearing a turban I am always completely intrigued by them!  I do own some hats that I suppose resemble turbans but none are quite right (please excuse the fact that I need my fringe trimmed urgently!)...

I recently saw that somebody is selling new turban style hats on Trade Me and am seriously considering getting myself one (or two).

 What do you think?  Close enough to the real thing?
P.S If you head over to Rosina Lee's blog you'll find a little interview from me about vintage fashion, Dashfield Vintage and my love for strong coffee!


  1. I love turbans! I found this great tutorial for making a "turban" out of an old t-shirt and I now have a few in different colours :)
    They are great for covering pincurls if the curls aren't quite set yet :)

  2. Oh great thank you for the tip, will definitely give that one go!

  3. I love the black velvet one. Perfect for winter time :)


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