Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another busy weekend...

Wow this weekend has zipped past again!  I love nothing better than keeping really busy so this was just what the doctor ordered!  I spent most of Saturday at my sisters place on the couch making all these beautiful paper flowers for a certain somebodies birthday next weekend,

I can't wait to put wire stems on them and put them into my old jars and vases.  You can check out how to make these flowers here.

Then in the afternoon I headed into town to set up for an evening market.  It was held in a beautiful arcade (St Kevins arcade) that has a real deco feel to it.

It was a bit of a quiet one but fun all the same.  It's always so nice to get out and meet new people.

Sunday morning I had to get up nice and early (too early for a Sunday really) to head in to the annual Vintage Textile Fair.  It was actually sort of nice to go somewhere and not have to worry about manning a stall (although I definitely aim to have one there next year).  This is by far the biggest vintage event in Auckland and people come from all over the country and even Australia to sell their wares.

I didn't have much money with me so only ended up buying a little blouse (for $5!!), but trust me when I say there were SO many beautiful treasures there.

On our way home we checked out a couple of other vacant shops (well we peered through the window anyway).

I know that when the time is right the perfect shop will present itself... but I can be very impatient and therefore want things to happen RIGHT NOW!  Ha ha I suppose there might be a lesson or two in this whole adventure.

When I got home in the afternoon I got got stuck into photographing and preparing new stock for the online store.

And now my dears I am going to grab a bottle glass of wine and cosy up on the couch to watch some bad Sunday night television!  I hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. The market and the textile fair look amazing. I wish we had things like that in ChCh. Good luck with your shop hunt.

  2. Oh but you guys are lucky because you have so many more amazing vintage shops down there than we do up here!

  3. ohmygosh, those paper flowers are just beautiful! what a talentedy girl you are :)

  4. O,I really MUST make that fair next year!!
    Love that arcade,I don't think I ever knew the name of it!I seem to recall there were some great vintage shops last time I was in town.....
    True,the right shop will turn up at the right time,and everything will be perfect!!!
    Hope the bottle-sorry,GLASS-of wine was relaxing..hahaha

  5. That fair looks nice, a little like our Helsinki Vintage that (at least used to be) arranged here. Hope you enjoyed that glass of wine :)