Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This and that

Ahhh I have been too busy to even be able to think this week!  Between our sweet little kitty being run over on Monday, a huge deadline looming for Friday and trying to organise my birthday for the weekend I feel like I don't have a spare second for anything!  So you'll have to excuse me if I'm a bit slow in the blogging/ shop department this week.  But just for a little entertainment here are a couple of pre birthday photos for you!
 This is little me a little while after we moved to New Zealand.

And this is the little BIG me.  Hard to believe that I am going to be 30 next year!  I think it is even stranger for my parents.  They were so young when they had me and now their own daughter is becoming an old lady!

Anyway will post again after the weekends birthday fun.  I never usually celebrate it but this year I decided I would really make it a birthday to remember.


  1. What a gorgeous child you were! Grown into an equally gorgeous adult,I might add.Love your exotic beauty!
    30 totally needs celebrating!Big time!
    I'm considering counting backwards for my birthdays from now on.....eep!

    Very sad to hear about your kitty.So sorry.XXX

  2. You are beautiful then and now. I throughly enjoyed my thirties, you will too I'm sure of it!

  3. Such a cute kid you were! Becoming 30 was actually better than being in the 20's, btw!

    Sorry about your kitty :(

  4. how cute! then and now!! happy birthday to you, hope you have a wonderful weekend of celebration.