Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Girl meets boy

When it comes to playing dress ups I love nothing more than well cut tailored crop jackets, buttoned up blouses, lady cravats, bow-ties, suspenders, fitted skirts and red lipstick!  When it comes to dress up parties and things you'll even catch me quite comfortably wearing a pair of jodhpurs! I still remember the first time I saw a photo of Marlene Dietrich sitting straddled over a chair, wearing a beautiful tails.  It was a delicious balance of masculine and feminine, and I loved it! I suppose it was really during my time working in a costume/ wardrobe department that I learned the history of suits and all the many different style and accessories that have gone with them over the decades.

The beautiful Marlene Dietrich and Josephine Baker both looking incredibly suave in their tuxedo's.  I always try to imagine what it must have been like for them wearing things like this in a time when women were barely wearing trousers full stop!  It must have been quite the scandal.

One of my all time favourite designers is Lena Hoshek. Her clothing never fails to amaze me.  Once again I think it is that play between super feminine with a masculine twist to it.  It always looks so sophisticated.  If you haven't checked out her collection then you absolutely must!

Next on my list of 'trans- dressing' inspiration is singer Janelle Monae.  Her music is great, her dancing is insane and her dress style is to die for.  You will almost never see her in anything other than a suit and tie... and wow does she look stunning.  She manages to pull it off without looking masculine at all in my opinion.  And the hair... I love it!

Last on the list is the ever inspiring and utterly gorgeous Dita Von Teese.  How this lady pulls these looks off time and time again is beyond me!  I mean have you ever seen anybody make a suit look so stunning!?

Now don't get me wrong, I still enjoy putting on a pretty dress as much as the next girl but there is just something so empowering about wearing a blouse and tie!


  1. You always look so good in your jacket and blouse! I tend to feel very out of sorts when I wear tailored masculine clothing, I'm not sure why. Hopefully one day I will feel I can pull it off as well as you do!


  2. O,my,you wear it well!!
    Some fine examples of the look working there. I'm with Lucy-Mae,I feel very out of sorts in masculine clothing;I simply CANNOT wear pants!they freak me out! Loving knowing you worked in costume/wardrobe!That was a big dream of mine until I did some work experience at the Court theatre,and then did some costuming for a friends short film(Venus Blue)...and hated it!Cant stand divas!!!xxx

  3. That looks really good on you! Wow! On the other hand, most things seem to look good on you :)

  4. Ha ha aww thanks guys!
    I know a lot of girls don't like to wear trousers... I kind of wish I was one of them sometimes!