Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life right now

Sorry things have been a bit quiet in the blog world... but what it is lacking here it is making up for in real life!  The past week has been a whirl wind of mad excitement combined with the odd pinch of disappointment.  I guess you are always going to hit bumps along the way and it's just a test to see whether you can pick yourself up again!
First of all the sun has been shinning all week which is just heaven!  It's still cold outside but (probably thanks to the hole in the ozone layer) when you are in the direct sun you almost find yourself being too warm.  Anyway so the other morning I had an appointment with a real estate agent for a potential shop and stopped off at my sisters place before hand for breakfast.

I then headed over to this cute little potential shop space (take away all the cheap nasty suits they are selling here right now and it is actually a beautiful deco line of shops).  I was actually quite interested in it because although it is very small it would have been a perfect starting out size.  The only problem is that the agent never bothered to show up, nor did he have the decency to give me a call.  So we hung around for nearly half an hour before giving up.  If there is one thing I am quickly learning is that real estate agents are about as unreliable as can be.  Very frustrating!

The rest of my time has pretty much been spent hunting down new stock for the markets.

Preparing to sell at markets

As well as this I am sourcing stock for the shop from overseas, brainstorming on how to best revamp/ restyle the online shop and keeping up with my evening small business accounting course.  I definitely have freak out moments where I'm not sure if any of it is a good idea any more and whether I am making a big mistake... especially when you constantly hear about the economic doom and gloom on the news.  But then I get reassured from friends and family, and their enthusiasm and encouragement washes away my doubt and I get on with making this dream come true!  One thing is for sure, it's not as easy as just having a pile of pretty dresses and putting them in a cute shop.  There is soooo much more work and learning involved!  Anyway I just realised I am running very late (as per usual) for a lunch date but I will write more later in the week.


  1. You have a lot to do! But I admire that. I wish I was that busy! I can't believe the agent did that to you, but I can't say I'm not surprised. The same thing happened to me and my husband when we were looking for a house. I can't believe people will just forget about you like that! Very unprofessional!

  2. ooo,that green/white gingham thingy looks interesting....
    Love that shop frontage!! I can totally see it without the nasty suits and populated by fabulous vintage goodies! Real estate agents sre IS big stuff,but it seems like everyone is behind you,giving you the momentum to make it happen!Once you're in the swing of it,you'll look back and laugh at how it all fell into place,I'm sure! xxx

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  4. Thank you guys:) Your comments are always so encouraging! Now that I have told everybody about what I'm going to do I feel that there is really no backing out... ha ha which is fantastic!