Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lurking in the garden shed...

We have this old shed at the back of our house.  You've probably seen it in the background of photos I have taken in the past,
Nobody has wanted to go in there for years because it is almost completely made of asbestos.  However the other day we had an inorganic rubbish day on our street so I thought this was finally a chance to clear it out.  I went in armed with a face mask to insure that I wasn't going to inhale in asbestos fragements,
I ended up finding everything from old chairs to heaters to huge boxes full of beautiful shells, and all sorts of other things that once belonged to various owners over the last 20 years.  Oh yeah and I also found a large sack full of huge animal bones including a large lower jaw piece.  Very strange!  Anyway remember a couple of weeks ago how I posted about these fantastic crate shelves?
Well guess what I found tucked away in the old shed??
We live in an area that used to be full of orchards you see, so I'm sure if I looked around properly I would find a lot more of these old fruit crates.  They were completely covered in dirt, spiders and all sorts of other wriggling creatures so it took a fair bit of elbow grease to get them cleaned up. 

Once I did I put them all up on the water tank to dry in the sun (yes I wasn't kidding when I said we live in the country now... we really do have a water tank!).
My question to you now is do you think I should paint them in bright colours like the shelves above or should I leave them in their natural state so that you can still see the old writing on them?

I also found a whole lot of beautiful old glass bottles,

After a whole lot of scrubbing a and soaking,

I finally got these babies cleaned up,

And there you have it... my garden shed adventures!


  1. Crikey!!!
    Ugh,asbestos.nasty stuff.Good girl for taking sensible precautions!
    Love the crates,I'd be inclined to keep them unpainted,cos the writing is so cool.......!

  2. i really like them unpainted too! how adorable would they be in your future shop, all vintagey and stuff!? lucky find :)

  3. LOve Love the crates!! Oh lawdy I love a good crate with some texty goodness on it!! Definitly unpainted :-) xo

  4. Ha ha ok so unpainted it is! Thank you:)

  5. Such good finds! I would be in heaven going through all that stuff.