Sunday, September 11, 2011

Excuse me

Sorry for anybody who happened to read my grumble note yesterday!  As you can see I took it down again this morning once I had gotten out of my foul mood.  Although there is a huge gale blowing outside now and the doors are all rattling like they want to fly off their hinges it is still feeling like Spring around here.
  As you can see the garden has totally exploded into colour, and the smell is AMAZING!
Here is a bit of Spring inspiration from Etsy (click on the image to link to the shop);



  1. O,love that yellow stripey frock!
    Did I miss your grumble,or was I just too pissed ot register it!!?

  2. Yah! Spring is on the way - pretty frocks await. I love those togs - I really need a new pair!

  3. Ooh look at the plum tree! I really must remember to take a look at it next time I visit!

  4. Ha ha Helga yes you probably did miss my grumble, it wasn't up for very long! It's probably a good thing though, I was basically just throwing myself a pity party!

    Woohoo bring on summer I say!