Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spring on the farm

In the past week or so spring as just exploded into action over these ways.  All the trees are blossoming, pairs of birds are fluttering all over the place looking for a good place to nest and hundreds of little lizards scurry into the bushes when you walk past.  This time of year makes me want to burst with happiness!  These photos are from the farm where I grew up (lucky for me I currently live not far down the road so can come and hang out whenever I want).  As a kid this place was absolute paradise!  We were never allowed to watch television but that didn't matter because there were 5 kids in my family and 20 acres to roam in.  Basically all our spare time was used to build huts, make mudslides, play runaway orphans or whatever other fantasy we had thought up.  My mum had me when she was quite young and because of this she always said that she could remember what it was like to be a child and wanted to create the kind of place for us that she would have loved when she was young.  I think she did a pretty damn good job!  Of course we've all grown up now (the youngest being nearly 19) but the house is still a delicious chaos of people laughing, joking and arguing, dogs roaming, and cats hanging around.  People always say that they immediately  feel at home there because the minute you step into the house you get swallowed up by the madness of it all, you really don't get the opportunity to feel shy or awkward! Anyway now we take the dogs for a walk through the paddocks and down to the river most days and it's heaven to them!


  1. This is such a gorgeous post!! Your childhood home looks and sounds amazing - I would have loved to grow up somewhere like this! Love the shot of the dog catapulting into the water - spring is definitely here!! :-) xo

  2. Oh oh I too love the jumping puppy dog!!! What great shot!!
    Such a heavenly place, it looks like a place where you can just stop and be at one with mother earth!!!! Thank you for sharing sweet. v

  3. Ah, that looks awesome. Love the pic of the dog jumping in! My dog refuses to swim, he hates to wet his stomach (but he likes walking in the water).

  4. Looking out through my window at all the dead leaves, gray wether, damp streets...Turning around to my computer and these lovely spring pictures instead :) I'm born in Stockholm, but every summer I go to my family's old cottage in the country. I always feel so free when I get out there...Like that dog jumping into the pond. Such a good picture of a happy pet! :)

  5. O,bliss! Reminds me of growing up in rural Australia,only not as green!! I pretty much roamed around paddocks all day when not at school,keeping my only child self well amused.I probably always had a book on me!
    LOVE the shot of the jumping dog!
    I could so live like that........but I also like a bit of city.....crumbled as it is!

  6. I am loving the day on the farm, what a beautiful place to have to enjoy! These are great pictures I'd love to take my lil dog Peetee there to have a jump in that water!