Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Minimalists we are not!

Trust me when I say that having similar traits to your partner can be both and blessing a curse!  When you're both crazy collectors, op shopping mad and love to be surrounded in 'stuff' you have to make quite sure that you keep you hoarding in check.  Anyway so I thought I would share some little snippets of the house (it seems to tie in quite nicely with the theme of the last post) and the crazy chaos we love to live in!

Can you see the box load of new items that need to be photographed for Trade Me in the background?  That's what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing right now!

I really shouldn't have added this bathroom photo!  We finally got the 50+ year old toilet replaced but that resulted in big patches of unpainted wall and other holes!  This is summer we are definitely giving it a serious face lift (although we both agree that Elvis and the pink walls need a spruce up but the colours will stay the same)!
So there you have it.  This is where I live and probably spend more time than I should!  You can check out other house shots here and here.  Right I had better get productive... this whole week has been a little bit too... well 'unproductive really!).


  1. I love all these! So many pretty pictures on your walls.


  2. Great looking house, I love all the color on the walls! Everything looks so tidy! I love the knife holder, that's pretty cute!

  3. Ha ha thank you:) It looks tidy?! I must have done a good job at photographing around the mess then! I feel like I have to tidy and clean the house on a daily basis.

  4. So nice to get a glimpse of your home, love the "mess" :)