Monday, November 14, 2011

Curious about Christmas

I'm curious to know how you guys decorate your house for Christmas (if you even celebrate Christmas).  Decorating my mums house, where we celebrate Christmas (I don't decorate our own house at all), has sort of become my job over the years.  While I'm more than happy to do this because quite frankly decorating is what I love most, I'm started to run out of ideas.  Because we live in New Zealand, Christmas marks the beginning of summer, making it seem ridiculous to decorate the house in snow flakes and winter decor.  Instead in the past I have decorated the tree with tropical flowers, shells and bright colours.  The problem is that it always ends up looking a little bit like a kindergarten project!  Seeing as how there will only be grown ups at Christmas this year, it feels like we need to do something different! This is what Christmas has looked like in previous years...

This one is actually from Christmas at my sisters place. Cute huh!

The other thing is that although we live in New Zealand, we still celebrate Christmas the way my mum used to in Germany.  This means that everything happens on Christmas Eve (Christmas day ends up being for other family Christmas obligations... just when you think you can't eat any more you're off to somebody elses house for another feast!), so the lounge needs to look beautiful in the dark!  I have found very little ideas online for a more tropical less traditional Christmas theme however I do love these from Shelterness (one of my favourite crafty websites by the way)...
Paper cube lights
I think these could look amazing strung around the windows.  They do look like an awful lot of work though!

Wine bottle lantern
I am TOTALLY in love with this idea!  I think I will definitely be using this.  And old wine bottle shouldn't be a problem to find around here either ;).

Living ornaments
Seriously how AMAZING would it be to have these hanging all over your tree?!  I have no idea how you would get the damn things in there though!
Anyway like I said, I would love to hear/ see how you guys decorate for Christmas.  Do you have any cute, crazy ideas for more of a tropical/  non traditional style Christmas??


  1. I love your idea of a tropical-themed tree!! :) I don't usually decorate my house for Christmas as I've always been flatting since I left home, but this year maybe I will at least put up some tinsel or something, even though I will be in Dunedin for Christmas day :) I'm very keen to get some fairy lights too!! That paper cube idea would look gorgeous at night :)


  2. Beautiful images and lots of cool ideas for the holidays!

  3. Some lovely past and potential ideas here!
    I don't celebrate Christcmas at all,I'm afraid!
    We'll make an appearance at the family lunch,if we're in town,but that's it.I'm not big on doing what I'm expected to do!Rebel without a clue,that's me!

  4. Such pretty pictures! They almost make me wish I celebrated Christmas properly! My family are pretty boring, we never even get a tree or decorate anything, and we just have a barbecue on the day. I'm glad I don't have to worry about present though, I have been known to relentlessly mock people who clamber around the malls all December long trying to buy for every second-cousin and long-lost-aunt!

  5. It's hard for me to imagine how decorating for Christmas during summer must be. Here it's the darkest time of the year, so candles and different kind of lights are absolutely a must. I decorate my own place quite little, it's so small and I tend to get tired of Christmas as soon as Christmas Eve is over. But I have a few classical pieces, a candlestick and things like that. My parents's house is much more decorated, but also mostly with really classical handmade pieces. We never had any of those bright blinking plastic things in a million different colours.