Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh and... hats glorious hats on SALE now (and some other goodies)!

These babies are zooming out the door so get in quick!  More coming next week in all different shapes, sizes, colours, style and decades.  It pains me to part with them but my collection is growing out of control!  You can find these ones here.

I have also just listed a bunch of women's blouses (there are more to come next week)...

This AMAZING dress/ jacket set which you can find here...

And a beautiful late 1950s/ early 60s pencil dress in a rare LARGE size...

Phew ok that's just about enough for the day!  Oh by the way Dashfield Vintage has a Facebook which actually gets updated these days!  Jump over and like it regular updates, gossip, upcoming events and some occasional blah blah.  Now I'm off to drink wine, make pizza and plan my perfect Sunday!

1 comment:

  1. Ooo,I spy a hat for me!
    HDU were brillant!Can you believe I had never heard them before?! If you get a chance to see Delaney,do!He's wonderful!
    O,G and I have been plotting a good shoe post for my space!