Sunday, November 20, 2011

This and that and everything in between...

I'm just procrastinating really!  I have a writing deadline this evening, hats to measure and list, and dinner to make (because I don't think that a handful of corn chips and a bottle of wine quite cut it).  Instead I'm of course catching up on my blogs and watching reruns of That 70s Show!  At least I managed to take some hat photos today.  I have so many that I have been hoarding for the past couple of years now... which is silly really because they aren't even the ones I wear, they just sit sealed up in plastic containers and are stored away.  What a waste!  I have this problem with so many of my clothes... I just can't bare to part with them! 

So in other news... my guy bought a magazine yesterday called Remix because he is a photographer and wanted to check out the New Zealand fashion issue.  Anyway we're flicking through it and then what do we see??  An article on Dashfield Vintage!  I had no idea so it made for a nice Monday morning surprise.

Ok that's all.  I'm going to go and make asparagus with truffle oil.  May as well treat myself.


  1. love all your hats!!! you look gorgeous!

  2. truffle oil - do you use it with eggs :) le xox

  3. I am loving all these hats, I'm a hat girl myself ;) So many cute ones I wouldn't want to part with any of them!

  4. Awesome hats!! :D Do you have any in purple or grey for sale? I have to go to the races in a couple of weeks and I need a hat to wear! :) my dress is a lavender colour...

    Thanks for your comment!! I'm so jealous of your sister going to Paris, I can't wait to go over that way! I hope she has an amazing time! :)