Friday, November 25, 2011

One of those great days

I won't lie, I have been in one rotten mood this week!  Don't ask me why, I think it's a combination of an irritating, persistent wind and something else I heard about called a Mercury Retrograde.  Apparently it has something to do with the planet alignments and can make people feel all muddled up and grouchy!  Anyway so today the universe dished me out such a nice day that I simply couldn't remain a grumble guts.  I met so many new and absolutely lovely fellow store holders and customers (and of course the amazing old ones).  There were so many new stall holders that we were packed in like a little tin of sardines, to begin with we weren't impressed but it turns out you get to know your neighbours a lot better when you're rubbing shoulders all day!
Psst... I ended up buying one of these darling angels.  We don't even have a Christmas tree at our house but all day they were fluttering their eyelids at me from across the room, so at the last minute I went and bought one.  They are hand-painted from Mexico.

And look what I found for myself... another bag to add to the collection!!  I love it when you start collections by accident.  Without looking for them, these bags just keep appearing wherever I am.

After the market was over and I had loaded everything into the car I headed down the road for a much needed coffee at The Fridge.  I've always liked that cafe anyway (I used to work just down the road so I was sort of a regular for a while).  Recently though they have been expanding and it now has such a cute retro style to it.  It actually feels just like your sitting in your own living room.  Which I love!

The other thing I love about hanging out in Kingsland is that there is a good sprinkling of really great vintage/ retro stores.  Even though I usually don't buy a lot there (because for me the whole thrill is in hunting down these treasures from obscure place myself!) I still love the way they look.

And then I did the most important thing of the day (if not the year)... I VOTED! 
Now I am quite exhausted and very much looking forward to an early night!  Tomorrow I'm heading to Kraftbomb (which is this amazing craft/ handmade market that happens once a month) in order to get a head start on my Christmas shopping!  This year I am trying to make a real effort to only buy gifts that have been hand made by small independent businesses.  I think it's really important, especially at the moment, that we give them all the support we can.
Hope you all have a great weekend, can't wait to read your blogs on Monday morning.


  1. sounds like you had a great day - an early night??? I'll be up watching results of election right to the bitter/sweet end!

  2. Fun!! You're so lucky getting to go to all these fun markets. I love what you bought! I voted too, half watching the election coverage tonight on the telly :) Have a good weekend!


  3. Hey love the new dresses in the shop..... Yummy!!!!
    So excited you are heading to ChCh in the new year, yay! Happiness (do you have dates?)
    Hope you have the most gorgeous weekend! Vanessa

  4. Glad to hear you had such a lovely day. I love that angel and the purse is so sweet. I have been on the hunt for one myself, how cute they look with sundresses in the summertime!

  5. Retrogrades are a bit sucky!!!
    Oooo,I love a nice accidental collection,and that's a beauty!
    Love the new angel;we don't do the chrissy thing,we have fairly lights all the time....
    Ooo,I'm SO pleased I found a frock to fit me!And such a sweet one!Yay for new stock!!
    O,I wore my hat today,it's fabulous!