Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dreaming of...

... a real summer this year!  Seriously, I NEED a good summer!  It has been raining and windy all weekend and that really got me to thinking about last summer. We ended up having to move house with very little notice right after New Years.  This meant that we spent Christmas and New Years sitting at home frantically backing boxes, stopping only to quickly run down the road at the strike of midnight to go and watch the fireworks.  We then spent a month and a half camped out at my mums house before being able to move into the new one.  Then we were finally able to move and it seemed to take us the rest of the summer to get our house set up and feeling like home.  As well as this we were both stone broke from the move (oh and I had just left my job) sooooo we couldn't get up to a whole lot even if we wanted to.  Anyway so I started going through old photos today and realised that although it wasn't great, it was hardly terrible either...

This summer however is going to  be even better!  I'm going to go to the beach everyday (because honestly it is only a 5 minute drive away so there really is no excuse), I'm going to make more time for my friends, I'm going to leave this city at least a couple of times and we're going to have a healthy dose of impromptu road trips!  As well as that I am going to eat fish and chips on the beach at sunset at least once a week followed by an orange chocolate chip ice cream.  Maybe it's the African blood in me but one thing is for sure... I was made for summer, sun and warmth!  So tell me, what do you have planned??


  1. I had a Christmas like that once too!! We had signed a lease for a house to move in te start of Jan, then the landlord rung me on Christmas eve and said someone had offered to buy it and would we get out of the lease if she gave us $1,000!! (that included the return of our $500 bond so really it was $500!) I him up on her and rang my bf who's dad is a lawyer. He said we could refuse to leave lease and they would be stuck with us renting it, or we could buy it off them and get it really cheap. So we Bought it! What a mess though. I was having panic attacks over Christmas and new years worrying about it! I'm looking forward to relaxing this year too :)


  2. Yes that's basically what happened with us too! Except that the actual owners decided that they wanted to renovate the place and move in. It was my boyfriends place and I had only moved in about a month prior to that! Ha ha well good to know that we're not alone. x