Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Christmas, a trip to Wellington and a gypsy fair!

Wow the last week has been crazy busy!  We've managed to get four... yes FOUR different Christmas' behind us (the joy of split parents!), a flight to Wellington on Christmas day, a trip to the bird sanctuary to see the little white kiwi, a gypsy fair, the new Tin Tin movie, plenty of eating, a peek at the 'Unveiled' exhibition (about the history of wedding dresses, including Dita Von Teese's amazing purple number), caught up with long lost friends, visited my little sister, did some vintage window shopping AND managed to get sick on the last day!
Summer Christmas 2011: So much amazing punch and delicious food!

... And the food just kept coming.

Boxing Day in Wellington with my little sister. 

Crazy to think that we only met for the first time at the beginning of the year!

We have almost identical taste in so many things!

Stopped by a Gypsy Fair just out of town to get some last minute Christmas presents.

Dropped by Fidels (my old workplace when I lived in Wellington) for breakfast.  Still the best cafe in town!

Tried on some REALLY amazing shoes that made me EVEN taller!

And most importantly got to hang out with this guy, finally meet his family and giggle over his embarrassing baby albums!  I didn't think it was possible but I think I managed to develop an even bigger crush on him than I already had... awwww!

Anyway I hope you all had an amazing Christmas/ holiday. After all this excitement I've gone and gotten myself sick so it feels really good to get home and be able to fall into my own bed.

P.S New treasures will be arriving in the shop soon.  Will keep you posted!


  1. Oh sweet I am so sorry you are sick, how unfair. I hope you feel better soon!!!
    What a fabulous collection of great festive photographs, so enjoyed them.
    Mr Dashfield is just so dashing, tee hee!!!!
    Happy happy new year!!!!
    Love Vanessa

  2. Thank you:). Ooo Mr Dashfield, I like that!

  3. Oooo,lovely pix of lovely times!!!Poos about the being sick bit,maybe some good whiskey can sort that out!!!
    Funny about your sis,I have one I've only met twice my whole life, and a brother I've yet to meet!Scattered seeds!!!
    Those shoes are insane!!!

  4. O,that little basket with the bunny on it? I got it off Trade Me a couple of years back,and it is purported to be 50's,but I'm a bit doubtful about it!It just seems too pristine to be that old?? I'm hopeless at dating things!XXX
    and O,can I say that your man is HOT?!Hahahaaaaaaa