Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shop my wardrobe...

Eeek this is never easy for me but sometimes you just have to let go of things!  As I creep closer to the dreaded 30, I've found that it's true what people say... you really DO start to gain weight!  Not that I'm complaining mind you because I have always been one of those people with an insanely fast metabolism and there for celebrated every kilo I managed to gain. In the last year though I have gone up nearly 2 dress sizes which means that half of what I own doesn't actually fit me anymore!  So I have listed some on Trade Me along with the usual vintage/ retro loot. Most of the items from my wardrobe on here actually more rockabilly/ pin up inspired as opposed to real vintage (because I just couldn't bare to part with the real stuff yet).  Anyway there are some great summer bits and pieces there.

Anyway you get the idea right?  There are plenty more listings which you can all find here

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