Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Monday: Links to love

Hello, happy Monday!  It's officially time to get down to business!  Normally I would be soaking up every bit of holiday time I can get, but this year  I can't wait to get stuck in and do some work.  The shop needs updating and restocking, photos have to be taken, ads need to be submitted, editors need to be contacted, buying trips have to be organised and 2012 goals need to be fulfilled!  Due to the shoddy weather we are having (which isn't supposed to get better until March... in other words our whole summer) I have been spending and awful lot of time geeking out on the internet and making new discoveries.  Here are some of my favourites this week...

The most adorable engagement photos EVER! I've never been a wedding sort of person, truth be told they sort of freak me out.  Now that it's slowly coming up to having to plan my own one however I've been getting surprisingly more interested in finding unique ways to celebrate it!
This is just the most fantastic idea I have seen in a long time.  Michelle from Pocketful of Dreams has come up with this great plan of skill swapping.  How ingenious is that?!

My super talented friend Brooke has just opened Wolf Whistle Studio where she sells custom made wedding stationary.  I'm in love with her prints, can't wait to make use of them one day!

If you've never checked out Katies Pencil Box then you need to head over there asap!  This is the most beautiful, positive and inspiring blog you could hope to stumble upon.

I love the Dust Jacket Attic blog!  Seriously it's my favourite way to start the morning.  This is just another example of the beautiful images on here.

I came across Colour Me Katie via the Bleubird Vintage blog and it was love at first sight.  This blog belongs to a bright, bubbly, creative photographer/ street artist/ self confessed funmaker.  She has the coolest projects going on.  Especially make sure you watch her little video.

Inflatable sharks cruising New Zealand skies  -well what can I say?  I just find this incredibly funny!

Okay that's all for today, better go and do some work.  I hope you all have a great first week back.



  1. I know,FLYING SHARKS!!! Fabulous!
    Ooo,loving your new blog,I'm already inspired for our European trip 2013/14!!!XXX

  2. oh gosh, i found katie's pencil box the other day. SO adorable!! and i just love this idea of skill swapping. perfect!
    xo TJ