Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Monday: Links to Love

 This week I have been reading a book called Dolce e Salata: A Bittersweet Adventure in Tuscany (written by Marlena de Blasi).  I suppose you would call it a travel novel where Marlena describes what life is like when she moves to a small village in Tuscany with her Italian husband.  The little cottage they move into has no electricity and all the cooking has to be done on a wood stove.  I imagine it to look almost like this beautiful bohemian kitchen at Moon to Moon.  If you're into dreamy, bohemian interiors then this is definitely the blog for you!

In case you hadn't realised by now, I'm kind of obsessed with interior design!  Truth be told I've always had this secret desire to become an interior decorator.  But in the mean time I just like to peek at other peoples houses.  It's always so fascinating and I think you learn a lot about people from the way that they live.  I'm sure I've said it before, but I'm no minimalist!   So all though this amazing Brooklyn apartment on Design Sponge is perhaps a tiny bit over the top for me I still love all the bright colours and crazy things going on.

And another beauty from Design Sponge, this is something quite different though.  Did you know that they have this awesome section on their site call Biz Ladies?  It's basically all about running your own small business, it has a ton of really interesting articles by women who have 'made it'!  I highly recommend this to anybody thinking about starting their own business in anything!

 Make your own tiki bar!  How fun is this?!  This website has everything from instructions on making all sorts of tiki bars, to creating your own eyeball cocktails!

 Yesterday I was feeling all grumpy and grouchy so it was perfect timing to stumble across this lovely post at Wit & Delight called 'How to throw yourself a pity party'!  I love it!

 Okay and lastly this week I rediscovered an old blog I used to follow.  I'm not sure why I ever stopped, I think I just forgot!  Anyway this is the blog of Eleonore Bridge who lives in Paris and always gets up to the most beautiful things!

So I hope you all have a great week.  I've got some work to do until Wednesday and then I'm off on holiday for the rest of the week!  Fingers crossed the sun actually comes out.

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  1. Ooooooo,I am swooning over that wonderful kitchen! I will be getting a new kitchen at some point in the nearish future...and that is awesome inspiration!
    I've read that book,and the follow up,and there might even be a 3rd one!I adore those kinds of books!!! Armchair travelling plus food,plus redecorating....heaven!
    I am going to perve at everyone of these links this arvo!XXX