Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sail away with me...

Ooo two posts in one day, getting crazy!  I went out for lunch with my dad today and on the way back I popped into one of my trusty Salvation Army stores that I KNOW always has something great waiting for me.  Well today I found these and had to stop myself squealing in delight!  How cute are they?!  I can just see us sipping homemade lemonade from them out on the lawn (well you know if this sun actually came out properly and the wind died down).  As well as this they tie in perfectly with the post I had planned for tomorrow.


  1. Aw, they are cute! And quite perfect for lemonade, I agree.

  2. Squee! Just lovely-nice for margaritas,too!X

  3. Lemonade in these would be so fun!


  4. I just love this set - what a great find

  5. They are so cute! There is no greater feeling than when you come out of one of those stores with a really unique bargain buy :-D

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