Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Monday: Links to love

 Loving this post on the amazing Peruvian artist Cecilia Paredes by Dear Golden.

 I get so excited when I find beautiful, talented photographers like Feather and Stone!
I especially love their travel images, travel photos should make you desperately wish you were on holiday and these DO!

 Okay well we live out in the countryside these days and have a huge lawn instead of a little balcony, but I have lived in plenty of little city apartments.  I know what it's like to only have a cramped outside space on the 20th floor of an apartment building, which is why I love these 30 small balcony ideas over at Shelterness.  If you haven't checked this website out you really should, it is DIY/ design heaven!

 I am so inspired by this blog/ posts by freelance designer Kathleen.  She writes about all sorts of interesting things but what I was most drawn to was her year long diary on leaving her job and becoming a freelancer.  Reading about her ups and downs is really comforting in a way.I really look forward to reading more of her blog. *Thank you Brooke for posting about her on your blog! x

Well seeing as how I have been away for most of the week and have not been online that's all the links I have to share this week.  I am inspired by so many things at the moment though, things that I never knew were of interest to me.  I'm finding life just a little bit exciting at the moment! :)
Have a great week.


  1. O,my,the place you went for your holiday looks amaaaaaazing! Where is that? I hope to do some North Island exploring one of these years,and that looks like somewhere I could happily waste some time!
    Yay for having a great time at a lovely market!
    And then you've gona nad shown me more sights to waste hours looking at.......!!! Hurrah!

  2. It IS an amazing place! It is at Cathedral Cove. If you ever to take a trip up the North Island you definitely don't want to miss this place, it's paradise!