Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some days don't feel like work

I won't lie, some of the markets around can be a little bit depressing.  Especially the ones that are in dingy old community halls with no music, lighting or atmosphere.  Well the Golden Dawn Gypsy Fair was not one of those!  In fact I would almost go so far as to say that it is one of the best markets I have worked at... ever.  It wasn't that there were heaps of stalls or anything particularly outrageous, it as more the effort that the staff had gone to to set the mood.  They had coloured lights strung up, incense burning, a real life tarot/ palm reader (who I would like to have gone to but she was booked out from beginning to end), the most amazing two piece bluegrass band and lots of vintage jars filled with beautiful flowers.  And so I spent my day chatting to customers, friends and fellow store holders, I ate delicious food (the potato pom poms with turmeric aioli are AMAZING), drank coffee and washed the whole lot down with a refreshing elderflower and lime cocktail.  Oh and of course sold some vintage frocks.  So I can safely say that I will be back at the next one and no doubt they will just keep getting better!
P.S I took most of these photos before the bar opened, hence why it looks a little empty.


  1. Oh happiness is a pretty market and one that makes your heart sing!!! Yay!!!
    Sweet the photo of you is lovely. So so pretty and the curls.
    Love V

  2. Aww that's very sweet of you but I have to admit that that's not actually me... that's my little sister who came to visit me! We do look very alike though ;)