Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Major flashbacks & a favour

Okay so usually I stay well clear of anything from 80s & 90s.  I was old enough to remember it the first time and can't for the life of me understand why all these kids a desperate to relive the fashion... BUT every now and then I come across some pieces that I really can't resist.  And so dear friends I thought I would share the love (ok so a couple of pieces are from the 70s which I think is still acceptable).

Survived your flashback??  Good!  You can find these crazy pieces here.
Okay and onto the favour.  Or it's more just a query really... are any of you/ or do any of you know any stylists?  Preferably in New Zealand but overseas is fine too.  To be more specific I mean interior or food stylists rather than fashion I suppose, you know the types of people that set up the props etc for catalogue shoots for home ware and the likes?  I would love to hear from you if you do.
Thank you xx
P.S I loved reading your comments from my previous post.  Judging from your response I'm guessing that vintage really IS in our genes!  Can't wait to pass it on to my future kids.


  1. I agree 100% with your "what era is acceptable" theory. :)

  2. Hiyah! Thanks for your comments on my blog =) I dabble in interior styling and prop set up, but I only use vintage/antique wares. I set up sets for fashion shoots, kinda Frankie-esque stuff.

  3. O,MY,all those wonderful goodies you received from your Ftaher!!!

    Hmm,I do not know any stylists,sorry.
    And I feel exactly the same about the 80's/90's....but have been softening a little on the 80's, as my memory gets vaguer and least I was a Goth then, and not wearing the gawd awful shite that was really fashionable!!!

  4. I saved your shop. That last dress is so dear! Thanks for sharing. Glad to have stumbled upon your little blog!