Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where the tumble weed blows

The other day I got up at 6:30am, and whilst clutching my coffee like it was my life line, I found myself on the lonely road to Bethells beach for a photoshoot.  While Nic, the assistant, the make up girl and of course the lovely model all worked their magic, I pranced around the sand dunes taking 'behind the scenes' shots and trying not to get rained on.  I'm embarrassed to say that this was the first time I had ever been to these sand dunes, and I was utterly blown away (no pun intended but it was pretty damn windy) by the landscape.  Unfortunately I can't post all the photos here because it would be impolite to everybody who worked so hard on this shoot, but I think you get a pretty good idea of the beauty.
By the way, did I ever tell you that that handsome devil of mine finally has his photography website up and running?  You can check his work out here.


  1. Cool looks like fun! :) The sand is a gorgeous colour.


  2. Fab scenery I love the colours of the green and faded pink with the sand. Look forward to seeing some pictures of this shoot hopefully :)