Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekend snippets (blushing brides and perfect Sundays)

1&2 - No no no I haven't secretly run off and gotten hitched!  I did get prettied up by a make up artist/ florist extraordinaire friend who needed some portfolio shots.  After being snapped by a professional photographer we headed off to the winter gardens to take a few more of our own.  I had to love at all the 'congratulations' smiles I got from strangers! Best of all I got to wear this amazing, and very delicate, vintage gown!

3 -  The other night we had this crazy full moon.  I half expected somebody in the family to reveal that they are in fact a werewolf, it didn't happen though.

4 - Beautiful summer flowers at the winter gardens.

5 - Finding this on the bathroom mirror this morning made my whole day! He sooooo gets my idea of romantic!  We're such dorks! 

6 &7 - Today we spent a perfect Sunday afternoon celebrating my fathers birthday and indulging in this insanely good blackforest cake  made by my sister.



  1. Aww what great photos!! :) You look amazing in that dress in the first photo :) And that cake - yummmm!!


    1. Thank you:). We had such a fun time doing them. I love it when you have one of those perfect sort of weekends.

  2. Beautiful. The photos and the amazing cake!