Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The 1950s Home Decorator

I literally tripped over this book as I was leaving the flea market on Sunday morning!  Naturally it had to be mine so I snapped it up for a whole $2.00 just as the vendor was packing up.  It has every tip that a New Zealand 1950s home decorator could possibly want.  I especially love the suggested colour schemes and the little part about the laundry;
'It is an extraordinary fact that the laundry where a housewife spends so many working hours is generally the most neglected and least attractive room in the house.  Make the laundry light and bright, equip it intelligently, and one of the most onerous duties of the housewife will quickly become a simple, almost pleasant pastime'.
I sure am glad that they added the 'almost pleasant' part at the end!  So you see parts of it are rather outdated, but on the whole it has some great tips still.  I am starting re-upholstery classes soon so I will make sure to take extra care in the furniture suggestion chapter!


  1. Woah, such a great find! I'm so envious. Also re-upholstery classes sound like such fun, I found an amazing mid-century-esque armchair on the side of the road in Aro (where half my furniture comes from) a couple of weeks ago and the cushion needs to be re-covered desperately.

  2. What a retro fabulous book! Love it.

  3. Thank you:)
    Georgia Rose - I love that half your furniture comes from the side of the road! I really need to make more use of the inorganic rubbish days when they come along. I just found my re-upholstery class through the community college courses. It's so popular though that the next available class is in August!

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