Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursdays loot & a DIY project

 I'm not sure what it is about vintage furniture that leaves me so weak at the knees!  I see so much potential in everything that I just can't bare to leave it in the shop all alone in a dusty corner!  So I just had to grab these two stools, which I plan to sand back and re-paint this afternoon (I'll be sure to show you then end product).  Hmmm I'm just trying to decide what colour they should be.  The vinyl is in perfect condition which is great!  I also spotted 4 perfectly green, vinyl swivel chairs at just $10 each.  But after gazing at them for a long time, sitting on them for even longer and walking back and forth from the counter a few times, I finally decided that I really couldn't justify buying them.  We already have an abundance of retro dining room chairs.  I felt kind of proud for resisting temptation!  As for the glass bottles, well they just had to come with me.  The one on the left has such a heavy, solid lid that it would surely break your foot if you accidentally dropped it! 
Anyway so there you have it, another week, another loot (well part of a loot anyway).
P.S I wrote this post yesterday and did in fact spend  the whole afternoon sanding and putting two undercoats on each stool.  So now comes the question of what colour I should paint them!  It either has to be something soft and pastel like OR something outrageously bright and colourful.  Here are some inspiration pictures.  I would love to know your opinion! (all images are borrowed from Pinterest).

As you can see I am heading more for something bright than pastel.  I think maybe like a deep turquoise/ blue colour.  I'm kind of obsessed with the beautiful colours of Cuba, they really know a thing or two about great paint!


  1. Thank you for sharing those gorgeous pictures with us. The blue chandelier and the sunflower lamp are so beautiful. I would buy them at once.
    I would paint one stool in turqoise and the other one in orange if it's not to expensive to buy two cans of colour. So you can have the warmest and the coolest colour at the same time and I think it would also give a touch of Cuba. Like to see the results soon.

  2. Thank you for your idea! You're right it could be cool to do them two different colours. It shouldn't be too expensive because I can just buy test pots. Hmmmm I will definitely have a think about that and gets painting this afternoon! x