Sunday, March 18, 2012

A date with the Tea Lady

Oops those would be my pins that you can see in the reflection there!

I heard about this little place about 6 months ago from a fellow store holder who also owns a restaurant.  She raved on about this tiny tea house that serves all the little cakes and sandwiches you would have eaten at your grandmothers house!  Oh and of course they serve a vast array of tea's.  So I thought this might be the perfect place to take my little sister (a tea lover, vintage nut and budding pastry chef) to as a belated birthday present.  Alas when we got there yesterday (in some pretty cold and windy weather) it turned out to be closed!  We stood around for a while not really knowing what to do with ourselves, before deciding that we would treat ourselves to beautiful flower and a delicious lunch at home.

Saba wore her beautiful new 50s frock and I had my favourite pelican print Vested Gentress dress on, so it seemed like a shame not to have ourselves a nice afternoon anyway!

On Saturday afternoon I was at the Kingsland Festival selling a little loot of vintage.  I was blown away by how many clever crafters there were, I mean where do people come up with these amazing ideas?!  The place was teaming with prams, babies and pregnant bellies... and I would be lying if I said it didn't make me just a teeny bit clucky myself!  I think more than anything I imagine it as a way to re-live my own amazing childhood, is that selfish?!  Ha ha.

I'm really looking forward to this week. 
- I have an exciting job coming up for the next two days for a magazine. 
- I'm having my little studio space shot for an exhibition later this week.
- I'm hoping that this miserable weather passes quickly so that I can get out and shoot some of the adorable capes and winter coats I have for the shop.
- Oh and my blog going to be undergoing a (professional) make over!
So bring it on week!  I'm so ready for you :)


  1. There is nothing I love more than discovering new little places like that. That oneslooks adorable.

    Your week sounds fantastic. My week is one big pain in the butt: house inspection, my foster kittens are leaving, boring work, groceries, vet visit, getting taps fixed in the bathroom. *yawns*

    Your friend's possum sounds hilarious. :D

  2. Oh what an exciting week you have. So excited to see your blog changes too!!! Makeover yay!!!
    Have a truly fabulous week.
    Love v

  3. The chairs in that tea house look amazing. It's a pity it was shut but it looks like you had a delicious lunch anyway.

  4. I always love the IDEA of tea,but being a boozewhore,can't bring myself to spend time in those pretty tea shops!I just wnat bubbles! Shame it was closed,but you sorted yourselves out nicely!
    Blog overhaul?!Exciting!As is what else you have lined up!!!

    O,my Dita.....I'm straight,but PHWOAR!

  5. Ha, I WISH my grandma made me little cakes and sandwiches! That sucks that it was closed, it looks really cute! You can never go wrong with tea, right? hehe


  6. Hello my dear,

    Oh I am so sad that you called for tea at the tea lady and found them to be closed.

    You see I happen to work at the lovely tea toom you talk of.

    I notice your post says that you called on a Sunday. .

    Unfortunately we no longer open on Sundays ): But do stop by again, we are open Monday to Saturday 10-4.30 (:

    Oh and how lovely if I happened to be working when you called by!