Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A lucky week and a lovely loot

So far this week as been nothing short of delicious! It has felt like all those little annoying loose ends are finally coming together and weaving themselves into something beautiful!  On Monday and Tuesday I assisted on a beautiful interiors shoot for a magazine.  This house was pretty much my dream home!  It was built in the 60s and had every element about that era that I love.  Apparently in its hay day it was THE place to go and have swingin parties!  I will be sure to show you when the magazine comes out.  Wednesday I played catch up on my emails, packaged up new shop orders and then braved the torrential downpour in order to attend a new yoga class.  Thankfully it was every bit worth it and the class (as well as the instructor) were amazing.  Today I had all sorts of errands to run, so naturally I incorporated it with some secondhand shopping!  I found all sorts of lovely things but when I came across this suitcase I almost fell over sideways in delight!  Isn't it a beauty?!  I know that the last thing I really need is another suitcase, I think this brings it up to 16 now, but honestly who could resist!  Tomorrow night we're off to the burlesque (it has been a while since I was last at one so I'm quite excited), Saturday night we have a 1990s themed birthday party for which I have found a truly hideous dress and on Sunday we're going to laze around the place and relax (I hope).  Then Monday will be a second attempt at visiting The Tea Lady.  Phew, I'm not sure why I gave you a run down of my whole week but there you have it, all a little bit mad really!
Hope you all have a great weekend if I don't touch base before then.
P.S Are you still having to enter that stupid word code if you want to leave a message?  I tried to fix it bu I'm not sure whether it has worked.


  1. Wow, what great finds--Love that dress! Sounds like you have a busy weekend.

    and yeah--still have to enter the word code.

  2. Okay I think maybe, just maybe I fixed the problem!

  3. Testing, testing