Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Monday Links to love

Oops, due to spending less time online at the moment I haven't done a Monday Links post in a while.  So anyway here is a fresh one this week as requested :).

 I recently came across the Eagle Street Roof Top Farm on The Selby and was blown away by how innovative people are!  Imagine starting a big vege garden (with chickens as you can see) smack in the middle of New York city!  Very inspiring.

I may have said this before, But Moon to Moon really is one of my favourite blogs when it comes to beautiful bohemian interiors.  Every room in this post is draped in hanging plants and has such an incredibly exotic feel to it that I wish I was there right now!

This is a great little (actually not so little) post at Sammy Davis Vintage and is about all the vintage related jobs you could do!  How fantastic is that?! I love this because my mind is always buzzing with new ways to incorporate vintage in with what I do!
I can't remember where I heard about this shoe place... but I'm sure glad I did!  I've managed to convince myself that I REALLY need a new pair of shoes (I REALLY don't by the way, but my mind is sneaky like that!) so I'm thinking about getting a pair from here.  The only problem is that they are heading into summer and we are heading into winter, so a cute pair of sandals isn't going to do me much good.

Paul Newman and Joanne Wooward 
Design Sponge did this beautiful post on Paul Newman and his wife of a million years Joanne Woodward.  I thought it was just so beautiful, I guess it's the kind of relationship that we all hope we are lucky enough to maintain.  My favourite quote in it from Paul Newman is “I have steak at home. Why go out for hamburger?”.  I LOVE that!

What do you have planned for the week?  Is anybody heading to the Beach Hop this weekend?  We had originally planned to go to it but unfortunately we have a very sick puppy at home (by puppy I actually mean 15 year old dog... but he'll always be our puppy!).  It looks like this could very well be his last week with us so we don't want to leave him alone for a second!  Other than that I am mostly dedicating this week to getting the shop up and running again because I have all these beautiful winter capes that I'm dying to share with you!  I will also be adding new treats and treasures to Trade Me AND what I'm most excited about is the new blog design which should hopefully be up and ready by about this time next week.  But for now I'm off to give The Tea Lady another try, followed by sourcing a few key things for the shop.
Have a fantastic week.

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  1. i love that first picture! it's very cool :)