Monday, March 26, 2012

Just like at Grandma's

 Would you look at that sister of mine!  Sure she arrived nearly 20 minutes too late for our tea date... but I'll excuse her for that because she walked in looking like a stunning 1940s bella!  After our disappointing trip to the Tea Lady last week  (because they were closed even though their website said otherwise) we decided not to give up and headed back again on Monday.  I'm so glad we did!  This place is so freaking cute!  It is every bit what our grandparents used to do (I don't know about you but afternoon tea seemed to always be the most important part of my grandmothers day!).  There was a huge tea menu to choose from, I had a Geisha tea and Saba's was something delicious smelling with Hibiscus flower, everything was served on old china and mine came complete with a spoon celebrating Queen Elizabeth.  We also ate some adorable little club sandwiches (ermm okay I actually ate four of them, much to the surprise of the poor lady who then had to make another batch) and sweet little tarts with whipped cream.  Oh and my favourite was the Lucky Lady spinning wheel!  It still works!!  Except instead of putting the recommended 2 cents in, you now pay 20 cents.  My turn landed me on something depressing like 'Don't worry, things are yet to get worse'.  Let's hope she's wrong!
After our tea we wandered around and hit up some of our favourite second hand shops, I had no luck but Saba did quite nicely for herself.  I did however get the fright of my life when I glanced over at a truck and saw this poor guy gazing up at the clouds...
Anyway so there you have it.  If you're ever in Auckland and you're wondering where you could go to have a good old fashioned afternoon tea then head to The Tea Lady!


  1. O,my how gorgeous indeed !Fab frock,and what a pretty twosome you must have made!
    I'm gagging over that teaspoon! Glad the place was finally open for you!XXX

  2. Love the pics, your sister is adorable, the outfit is divine. BUT WTF IS THE LAST PICTURE?

  3. Ha ha ha isn't it creepy?! We headed to a favourite junk store nearby and this was parked outside! It gave me such a fright, and I thought it was so random that I just had to take a photo!

  4. Your sister is adorable! What a great afternoon out!

  5. Lovely! I must go there one day when I'm in aux. Love the spoon! Random deer head shot in back of ute brilliant! Happy Days!