Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vintage inspired locals

I'm always amazed at how much hidden talent we have in this country.  I am constantly stumbling across new designers and crafters, and can't help but wonder how I never knew about them!  I'm currently working on a job (which I will share with you very soon) that requires me to source a lot of vintage/ handmade things, so have made some amazing discoveries in the process.  Here are some of my favourites (click on the names to get to their websites)...

Founded in 2011, Kelsey Genna is handmade label based in New Zealand. The label is proudly hand crafted locally with all pieces being made to measure in limited quantities. The collection is sold exclusively through the online boutique and occasional pop up stores. Kelsey, 20 years old recently graduated with a degree in Fashion Design.

Beautiful handmade 1950's inspired rockabilly and pin up dresses, custom made to fit and flatter any body shape or size.  Made in Christchurch!

Aren't their clothes just beyond adorable?!  If I come across others along the way I will be sure to tell you about them.


  1. Wow these ladies are talented, I thought they were all vintage dresses! I'm especially liking the red & white dress with the heart pockets, too adorable.

  2. Thank you for sharing these newcomers. The red dress from Kelsey Genna reminds me of the red dress that Chuck (Anna Friel) wore once in the TV-series "Pushing Daisies", which is my favourite series ever.