Thursday, April 5, 2012

A beautiful Easter mess

Happy Easter!!  We not only have a full weekend of Easter celebrations, but also a birthday to celebrate so of course I went overboard with decorations.  I really wanted to give these Easter egg garlands a try, but as per usual I didn't follow the instructions properly.  When it got to the balloon popping stage I realised that the PVA glue left a perfect white shell which I then spent hours cutting away with nail scissors.  Anyway I had fun doing it and that's the main thing!  We aren't religious in any way, shape or form but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy a big breakfast on Easter Sunday with hot cross buns, Easter egg hunts and lots of bright flowers.  I suppose we would be celebrating the beginning of Spring... however over this side of the world Autumn is just rolling in.  It's nice to have one last pop of bright, beautiful colours though!  So whether you celebrate Easter or not I still wish you a great long weekend.
Oh by the way I finally joined Pinterest the other day.  I'm still trying to figure out the basics of it but you can check me out here.

 P.S This is the 'tidier' version of the dining room table this morning.  It almost makes me wish I had kids so that I could blame the mess on somebody else (I'm terrible I know!).


  1. Prettiness!
    Hell,this was a festival long before Christianity came along.It's just nice to have time off,to eat good food with people you love,and generally have a great time before the Winter starts to set in!
    I'm always inspired by your wonderful decorative skills.I really must put that inspiration into practice.When the house is back together,I think I'll be feeling it!

  2. Thank you:). I get way too excited about decorations and wrapping presents! I agree with you on the Easter business. It certainly was around a lot longer than Christianity and I think it's a beautiful thing to celebrate!
    I hope the sun is shinning as beautifully down in Christchurch as it is here today. x

  3. Oh what lovely happy photographs sweet!!!!
    Happy happy Easter to you, may the bunny bring bundles of chocolate to you.
    Love v

  4. I love your Easter mess, especially the balloon flowers in the bottles.