Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Monday: Links to Love

Anybody who is thinking about having a vintage wedding HAS to check out this amazing blog.  I'm a little bit wedding phobic (weird I know, I must be the only girl on the planet who is!), but these people do it so beautifully that I can't help feel in inspired!  

Having major 'big brother' envy from over at Jeremy and Kathleen!  It desperately makes me want a sibling who swallows swords, hammer nails into his nose and runs away to Coney Island!  When I was young I had dreams about running away with the circus, well mostly because those old books made living in a caravan and cooking sausages over a fire sound so fantastic, but also because I wanted to be surrounded by all these weird and wonderful people!  Ha ha somehow that dream has never quite left me.

I just had to add this link from the Freelance Fashion Blogger!  Have you ever seen a more stylish soon-to-be mama??  Not a pair of old track pants or an old baggy t-shirt to be seen.  And what I love the most is that she is still performing with her burlesque troop. 

I could spend hours on the Miss Moss blog!  I particularly loved the Southern Weekend post.  They all look so carefree and happy.  When I see old photos like this it always makes me wonder what these people must look like now!

I really, really want to do this to my fridge!  A magazine I recently did work for had this featured too and I thought it was a brilliant idea for if your fridge is getting a bit old and scuffed looking.  It seems to be pretty easy, and if you don't want to get chalk dust everywhere you can get these awesome liquid chalk pens now!  And if you don't want a big black fridge in your kitchen, you could also use coloured chalk paint.  Hudson Paints in New Zealand have all sorts of different colours!

What do you have planned for the week?  I think mine is going to be quite a quiet one.  We are still in mourning over here because our beloved puppy passed away a couple of days ago.  The house feels so empty and quiet now and we're still trying to adjust.  That aside I am waiting to hear back on a job (fingers crossed) and am delving into a new project soon.  Daylight savings was yesterday which means that winter is on its way.  I always have to give myself an extra kick in the butt when it gets colder because my motivation for anything (except lounging in bed) all but disappears!
Anyway I hope you all have a fantastic week.


  1. Wow, This is really a vintage wedding. The photos look really real. I like it so much. Congratulation to the newly announce couple.

  2. I've considered the chalkboard paint on my fridge idea! Being inspired- I think I'm going to write that on the calender as a neat-o weekend activity. I've also considered painting my son's bedroom door chalkboard, so now I have some deciding to do.