Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Monday: Links to Love

 DIY peter pan collars
These DIY peter pan collars are so freaking cute, and they look pretty simply to make too!

DIY picnic basket 
I love these paper DIY bags too.  The example given here are to use them as picnic baskets but I think they could serve so many other purposes!

365 days, 365 outfits, 50 pounds 
The lovely Fab Gabs is doing the coolest challenge where she aims to wear a different outfit everyday AND loose 50 pounds in the process.  She also happens to blog about it everyday.  What an awesome way to stay on track with your goals!

 Amy Merrick 
I'm secretly just a little bit obsessed with Amy Merrick's beautiful floral work!  So when I saw that Industry of One (another website I LOVE) did a feature on her I had to go and check it out immediately!

 Marilyn Monroe: Bizarre eating habits, exercising and  being blonde all over
Apparently you have to have some pretty disgusting eating habits to maintain a smoking hot body like Marilyn had!  I personally don't think I could do it.  Two raw eggs in a glass of warm milk anybody??

Looking great at 100 
Want to know how to look stunning well into your 100s??  Ruth is the sweetest centenarian there ever was and she has some pretty great tips on living a long, fantastic life.  

I love this silent home video of some of my favourite 1960s film stars hanging out at the beach together.  It desperately makes me wish for a real Summer... preferably with Paul Newman! 

Have a great Monday!

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