Saturday, April 21, 2012

... and that was my Saturday

Ha ha don't you just love public toilet self portraits!  So today I had another market, yes yes I know I always say that the last one will be the LAST one, but somehow I always seem to get roped into new ones.  This one started off in the beautiful sunshine by the harbor with bands playing and everybody in a great mood.  The only problem with spending a day by the harbor is that in the late afternoon you suddenly get half frozen to pieces by a crisp sea breeze.  So it would be fair to say that I was very glad when it came time to pack up and really swore that that was my absolute last market!  After that we headed out for some much deserved Malaysian curry soup and now I'm curled up at home on the couch with a glass of wine.  Ooo I bought some really cute things off fellow stall holders which I will show off to you in a post sometime next week.
Have a great weekend.

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