Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Monday: Links to love

 DIY super cute band-aids! 
I think I must seriously have babies on the brain!  Couldn't help but think how cool it would be to make personalised bandaids for your kids!

Bohemian couch  
Definitely fell in love with these couches over at Moon to Moon (my favourite blog in case you didn't already know!).  They are so bright and have such pizazz!

Cabin Porn 
A whole website dedicated to little cabins!  My dream!  I'm obsessed with little houses and always have been.

Historic New York photos 
You may have already seen this site as it has been making its rounds.  The photos are so amazing though that you really do need to check it out if you haven't!  They are previously unseen photos of New York from the last 100 years.  Be warned though there are some grizzly mafia murder shots in the mix.

Behind the scenes: Dita's new make up line 
The woman is unstoppable I tell you! Now she's bringing out her own make up range, which I'm sure everybody is very excited about!  You can check out the making of her ad here.

Retro picnic 
This is just so cute, and has me longing for summer again in a big way!  We don't have nearly enough picnic's these days and I forget how much fun they really are.

I'm not sure what this week is going to bring, hopefully amazing things!  Today is kicking off with the gym, lunch with a friend and then an afternoon of photographing and listing for this weeks SALE.  Most of the rest of the week will be taken up with trips to the post office, a couple of meetings, some serious job hunting and a family dinner.  I always sort of love Mondays because they feel like a fresh start and anything could happen in the week!


  1. Those are the best band-aids I have ever seen! And I am totally going to loose hours to Cabin Porn!

  2. love all of this!

  3. I love the couch too. It has definitely my favourite colours. Everything on this picture is adorable. And - I love the new appearance of your blog with all that lovely suitcases. You have a really great blog!