Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Christchurch: Lyttelton (part three)

I always thought that if I had to move to Christchurch, then Lyttelton would be the place for me.  They seem like my kind of people, with my kind of idea on life.  Plus it's just ridiculously cute!  So late in the afternoon on my last full day in Christchurch I borrowed the car and braved my way through the white tiled Lyttelton tunnel.  I know that surprisingly it stayed in tact during the earthquake, but driving through a mountain while the ground still regularly rumbles below you is somewhat daunting.  Once I came out the other side  I was immediately struck by the bizarre contrast between the glass like water with its pretty little ships and the utterly depressing ramshackle harbor side buildings.  I was so shocked that I had to text a friend to make sure I hadn't taken a wrong turn somewhere.   This wasn't the Lyttelton I remembered!

As I wandered up the hill it really dawned on me how resourceful and clever people can be.  I saw a fish and chips shop in an old shipping container,  caravans with beautiful outside area's that had become cafes and a gravel pit that now doubled as the community park where some lucky child was having a birthday party.  I really had to take a deep breath or risk bursting into tears with a combination of pride and sorrow.  I have a good feeling about this place though and really think that the people living here are going to build an even better Lyttelton.

As soon as the sun started dropping away so did the temperature.  It was too late for a coffee and too early for a real drink so I snapped a few photos and headed back to my dark tiled tunnel.


And that concludes my little trip to Christchurch.  I hope it wasn't too doom and gloom, and earthquake influenced for you.  Truth be told that just kind of IS Christchurch at the moment, it's what you see and it's what everybody still talks about all the time.  When I got back somebody asked me if people down there are used to earthquakes now and just shrug them off, the answer is most definitely no!  People are still seriously on edge and every small rumble is as nerve wrecking as the last.  So having said that, would I recommend going there on holiday? Hmmm, I would say that if you are going to visit somebody then go for it, if you're wanting the tourist experience then maybe hold off for a while.


  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing them and your story. I love the 'Plenty to Share' concept - it's always cool to see lovely positives like this come out of terrible situations. xxx

  2. Oh sweet it has been lovely to read all three of your posts on your visit to Christchurch.
    The photographs and your words are truthful, heartfelt and caring.
    As you have said the city is damaged and the people are damaged, but the light at the end of the tunnel still shines(if not along way off).
    I would love to right more here but since I have tears in my eye I won't.
    Thank you for sharing this it really does help people to understand.
    Much love V

  3. Vic: Thank you :). Isn't the sharing thing a great idea!
    Two Squirrels: Oh my goodness you just got me teary eyed too! I'm so glad you liked it. I feel for you all like you wouldn't believe. I'm sure that amazing things are going to grow out of the in the end though (they are already starting too!). All the best for your move etc. x