Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Monday: Links to love

 Crate sofa's
Old fruit crates are so easy to find around these parts, and there are so many clever things you can do with them!  I just never thought to use them as sofa bases until I saw this.  So simple yet beautiful!

 When to quite your 9 - 5 job
I love this post, in fact I love so much of the advice on this blog.  It's a hard decision to give up the comforts of a steady 9 - 5 job in order to pursue your dreams.  This is a really great one to read if you're on the fence about it and are unsure if you're ready or not.

Have you checked out Wolf Whistle Studio yet??  This is the blog/ website of my friend Brooke who designed and drew all the amazing pictures for my blog layout.  She makes the most beautiful prints and creates personalised wedding invites etc.

A Beautiful Mess on time management
More valuable advice from the ladies at A Beautiful Mess.  They seem to have so much going on and I think we've all wondered at some point how they ever have time to do it all and have a personal life!  Seems the key is to be very organised and write plenty of 'to do' lists!

Freelancer's Fashion Home
This week Ulrika gave us a sneak peek of a magazine article about her beautiful home.  I love this vintage/ retro inspiration that runs through out it, and the bright clean lines and colours.

Andrew, Carissa and Rinah
I just discovered this blog today and thought it was so beautiful that it almost had me in tears!  It documents the journey of a couple in their mission to adopt their daughter from Uganda.  The photos and the way it has been written is so sweet and lovely that you can't help but fall in love with this little family!

Vintage style at The Sartorialist
I forget about The Sartoralist for months at a time and then end up spending a whole afternoon browsing through it and getting inspired!  This time I came across this beautiful photo of somebodies grandparents in Eastern Europe.  Don't they look amazing!

ModCloth's Show and Tell: Susan's Closet
You absolutely have to check this out... trust me you are going to be drooling with envy by the end of it!

I hope you all have a great week.  Mine is shaping up to be busy, busy which is just how I like it!
P.S I will be covering some shifts at Little & Friday this week so pop by for a sweet treat!


  1. They all look so great, I'm looking forward to checking them all out. xxx

  2. Argh,Show and Tell organisational envy!!!
    Yes,I have indeed been using song lyrics as post titles!!!
    Makes it so much easier!