Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Monday: Links to love

 Isabelle Tuchband home
I can't help but wonder whether the house of artist Isabelle Tuchband was at all inspired by Frida Kahlo!  The Selby  captured all the bright colours beautifully and I can't help but thinking I wouldn't mind living there!

 Tips for added green to your home 
I love, love, LOVE this idea of using old jugs as plant holders!  A Beautiful Mess always have such fantastic DIY ideas. Sometimes I wonder what they do with all the things they create for their blog.

Custom vintage reproduction 
Have you checked out The Fiercest Lilliputian before?  This girl is cute as a button and has the most fantastic style!  This week she showed off a pair of adorable overalls that she had made by Nudeedudee.  I'm definitely tempted to get something myself now!

Hear Black
Somebody put me onto this guys website recently and I am just so in love with his photos.  They have such a beautiful, calmness that make me want to look at them all day long.

 The little flower school
Oh how I would love to go here!  I'm mildly obsessed with flowers and always had secret dreams of becoming a florist, so this would be perfect for me.  I just discovered the blog of photographer Jennifer Causey and find it totally inspiring.

50s summer lovin'
This is such a lovely photo set that it had me staring at it for ages.  I often find that vintage inspired high fashion shoots can be a bit off, but this one really captures everything beautifully.

Have a great week.


  1. Aww thanks for including me! You should totally get a pair of overalls they'd look great on you!


  2. Post full of beautiful things. Every time I try to do a post like this I go blank.

  3. Emma - No worries, I thought they looked very sweet :)
    Miss Tallulah - Thank you. I just open a new post at the beginning of the week and then any time I see something I like, I copy and paste the link in. Easy peasy :)