Saturday, May 5, 2012


Theatre Cafe

Queenies Lunchroom


This week has been nothing short of freezing!  It's like from one day to the next winter suddenly arrived... and I'm not sure I'm such a fan!  As a result a large chunk of the week was spent huddled in cafes sipping on coffee and eating soup.  The rest of the time was pretty much occupied with photographing, listing, packaging and standing in line at the post office with vintage clothes that are off to a new home.  I think the biggest thing I have come to realise in the past week is that I need to up my productivity or face getting a 'real' job!  I always threaten myself with having to become a travel agent if things don't work out... and I really don't want to do that so I soldier on.  I must say that I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what I love and still maintain the kind of lifestyle I want to live as well.  Dealing with vintage has taught me so many valuable lessons and I really feel that I'm a better person for it.  I no longer hit the mall every weekend to spend my hard earned dollars on mass produced, sweat shop rubbish.  Instead I have become a real advocate for quality over quantity and would rather buy locally made or vintage products that I know somebody has found or created with love and care.  As well as that my house has never looked so beautiful as now where it is filled with brightly coloured furniture and quirky little antique treasures.  It has even taken us a step further by buying all our fruit and veges from small local growers who sell at the weekend markets too.  I can honestly say that this way of life is incredibly rewarding AND I know I am not contributing so much to the decay of the planet.
Ok that's all I have to say about that :).  Hope you had a great weekend. x


  1. I love your cardy.

    Argh! Look at that mirror.

    I bloody love cafes. I just realised that I visit at least one a day, every day. LOL!Last time we went to Europe, do you know what we spent most $ on? Coffee! I hve an addiction!

  2. Ah same! After 10 years of working in cafes I still can't keep myself away from them. Sitting in cafes in Europe and people watching is great fun!
    P.S The little lady in the lovely silver cardigan is actually my sister not me ;)