Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Some handy vintage finds & a trip to Christchurch

I don't know about you but I am constantly finding vintage skirts and dresses that are missing buttons and eye hooks.  So I was sort of ecstatic when I discovered a market stall holder at the Browns Bay markets  who sells dozens of very old vintage sewing gear!  Her and her husband have been selling antiques at markets for over 40 years now so their loot is most impressive.  Seeing as how we go to this market to buy our fruit, veges and flowers every Sunday I make a point of popping over to see her.  Trust me I never leave empty handed!
Oh and in other news, I'm finally heading down to Christchurch in a couple of weeks.  I haven't been back there since before the earthquakes so really have no idea what to expect. If anybody has great tips on where to go now, and more importantly where there are still vintage/ second hand stores I would LOVE to know.  Christchurch was always my favourite place for op shopping so it makes me sad to think that many of those places are no longer there.  Speaking of which, does anybody know of that huge junk shed that was down there?  Does it still exist??  It was pure HEAVEN!  I must have gone there at least 3 times in the space of a week last time I was in town.
Anyway that's all, I had better get back to preparing Trade Me packages to post.
P.S The free advertising offer still stands.  There's no catch or anything, I just thought it might be a nice way for fellow vintage lovers to become aware of each other :).


  1. Tasman Traders remains the best, most fruitful second hand shop in the whole city. 61 Montreal St, earthquakes can't keep it down! Also the $2 Warehouse on the way out to Sumner is great still if you can be bothered picking. Also the Addington Sallies is still pretty decent too, as well as the Opawa Community Church opshop. Good luck and be sure to show us all your finds!

  2. Ooo thank you! Those are some really great tips. I can't wait to go and check them all out. x

  3. OMG! Have you a date???
    The huge junk shed you mention,I wonder if that was the old Supershed? It was on Pages Rd,and if that WAS it,it is now on Blenheim Rd and by all accounts not as good as it used to be.I agree with Georgia re the $2 place in Ferrymead,and the Addington Sallies has long been my favourite!
    Any chane we night meet for coffee...??!!

    I love haberdashery,and have loads of bits and bobs,and they are SO useful!
    I'm a sucker for the packaging,anyways!

  4. I do indeed! May 16th - May 22nd I think. YES the Supershed!! That's the one I mean! What a shame that it's not so good anymore. Absolutely we should meet for a coffee. mail me your number and I'll drop you a line over the weekend when I'm down. x

  5. I Love your blog!! Thanks for being so inspiring :)