Friday, May 4, 2012

Junk & Disorderly: A little slice of heaven

Welcome to one of my favourite places in Auckland!  Naturally it's a junk shop filled to the brim with everything from vintage furniture, so surfboards, books, tools, clothes and an awful lot of unidentifiable objects!  Junk and Disorderly isn't one of those places that you'll simple stumble upon in your travels because it's rather well hidden.  It's tucked away in an industrial area of Birkenhead, down a long suburban street and inside a huge warehouse.  Once you're inside you truly understand that it lives up to its name!  It is so packed full of stuff that there are only narrow walkways between piles that you have to squeeze your way through.  What I really love about this place is that they have a high turnover of stock.  This means that you are likely to come across new and amazing pieces no matter how often you frequent the shop (ermmm rather often in my case).  The pricing is also very reasonable and sits somewhere between second hand and antique shop $$.  Let's just say that this is my rainy day hangout!  Oh and be prepared to give yourself an hour or so because you're going to want to walk around this place at least ten times to make sure you've seen everything.


  1. LOL! That looks(and sounds) like my place.

  2. Heading there today to check it out today!