Sunday, July 22, 2012

We're all in it for the love of vintage

I was just sitting here this morning thinking about all my favourite and inspirational vintage bloggers.  Then it dawned on me that everybody has found themselves drawn to different era's and entirely different styles.  To be honest I really couldn't claim to love one any more than another.  Every era has its charm, and every blogger gives it their own twist.

The Vintage Elitists

I like to call ladies like the ones above 'vintage elitists', and I don't mean that in a negative way!  These lovelies understand their era's like nobody else and always dress accordingly.  In fact it's not uncommon to see them dressed complete with gloves and a pretty hat.  I truly admire their dedication to the art and swoon over their beautiful outfits.

The Sixties Sweeties

These lovelies always look too adorable for words!  They have a unique 60s/ DIY sort of style that I envy.  Their outfits seem to mainly be a mix of vintage and handmade, giving them a really particular look that you couldn't pull off by just hitting your local chainstore.

The Retro Gals

One thing is for sure, you wouldn't lose these ladies in a crowd!  I am in awe of their eye popping retro style!  They take fabrics, cuts and colour that many of us would be too timid to wear, and absorb them into their own unique style.  Very admirable if you ask me!

The 70s Sweethearts

These 70s/ hippie sweethearts make it look like they are living the most beautiful carefree lifestyles!  Every time I look at their blogs I get the feeling like it is eternally summer where they live.  I love their long flowing hair, free and comfortable looking clothes and general thrifty attitude to life.

The Mixed Up Dames

The mixed up dames are just that!  They are a delicious combination of era's and aren't afraid to incorporate some new in with the old.  They still maintain their own distinct style but it's not narrowed down to a particular category.  I have to say that this is probably where my style fits in as well.

So there you have it.  The way I see vintage lovers in the blogging world.  I follow everybody with the same enthusiasm and love to see how everybody pulls their outfits together.  Each one sure has its own unique charm and I love that!


  1. What an awesome bunch of ladies. I must say I hyperventilated when I saw I was under "Mixed Up Dames" with Sydney B. She is such an icon. *sighs* I am super-flattered to be included alongisde all of these ladies and I discovered a couple of new people to follow, too - which I LOVE.

    Happy Monday.



  2. Ha ha yay I'm glad you like it :). I love your style! I hope I put you in the right category. x

  3. Oh they all so amazing and beautiful in every way!!!!
    Thank you for sharing such happiness on a Monday!!!.
    Love v

  4. Lovely post - a great selection of blogs and photos.

  5. Thank you:). I'm so inspired by you all!