Sunday, September 2, 2012

Baby flashbacks

 Yep that's me, no idea where this bizarre picture came from but I've always had it.

Now that I'm hurdling toward my 4th month of this pregnancy (woohoo) I've started thinking a lot about my own childhood.  My mum was/ is nothing short of amazing.  She used to illustrate and write books for me where I was the main character, she made most of my dolls and many other toys and clothes.  Her energy for those kinds of things was just endless!

Sorry yes it's all in German AND I noticed that she spelt my name wrong here... how weird!

She was just in her last year of graphic design school when she had me so had this really cool old school way of lettering and drawing.  Luckily for us we have a whole attic at my mums house that is full of our old toys, as well as toys from when my mum, grandparents and I think great grandparents were young.  I am SO excited to start sorting through them and giving them a bit of TLC to restore them back to their former glory.

I also always kept my first school bag (which you can see is looking a little sad these days) which I put my favourite little childhood things including those books and a bunch of my baby clothes.

They obviously need a really good wash and iron before being used again!  Sadly I don't have many of my baby clothes because I am the oldest child out of 5 kids, and the oldest cousin out 15 kids... so everything was promptly handed down to the next one!  I'm obviously super excited to hunt down cute kiddo clothes.  I have a stack of beautiful 60s and 70s girl dresses but we've decided not to find out the sex before hand so I have no idea whether they will be put to use! I'm loving the challenge of having to find great gender neutral clothes.  Plus it's a really good way to avoid getting super tacky girly or boy type gifts.  I'm not a pink and frills kinda girl!

Oh and sorry there have been no maternity posts yet.  It seems that every time we want to go and take photos it starts raining again. We are 15 weeks today though and there is definitely proof of a little bump so by hook or by crook we're going to squeeze a photo session in!


  1. I am so envious, you must be have the funnest time ever. I LOVE that your mum did all that stuff for you, what lovely things to still have. I really like the idea of making toys (bubby houses, tents, blocks, finger puppets etc rather than buying a whole lot of plastic crap (which I will no doubt end up with anyway).

    You look sooo cute in that top pic. Just look at those chubby cheeks. :)

  2. Wow, how cool! I wonder if your Mum was able to keep that up for the next four? Love the mickey mouse t-shirt - so cute. x

  3. Oh the books are so lovely, what an amazing mum you had. I am so sure you are going to be just as wonderful mummy too!!!! What fun finding baby treats and vintage kiddies things. I don't even have a baby and I can't stop myself.
    Love to you and baby bump.